Best quality laterite stones and cladding stones at low cost


         Today I would like to inform you about a place where we get best quality cladding  stones and later items stones  at a low rate. Cladding stones are simulated stones applied to buildings  made of a material other than stone. We can use these stones to concrete and steel buildings as part of architectural  designs. 

       Cladding stones give a natural  look to the wall. It increases the value of property.  It increases the beauty  of the house. Today we can see a place where we get the best quality  cladding stones at low cost.

      It is in a lateral stone quarry,chepparambu, kannur. We get first quality  from here. We will get cladding  stones from here.They are using  good lateral stones to make cladding stones.Its price is Rs 130/square feet.  They will deliver anywhere in Kerala.

     They make cladding stones of any size.we will get quality materials  from here.

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Garuda cladding stones 



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