Banks that offer  home loans at low interest  rates


      Everyone depends on home loans to build a home. Home loan is a financing solution that allows you to borrow funds to purchase a property or build a home at a determined rate of interest. We can repay the amount through EMIs. We can take home loans from a bank or another Financial Institution. As per RBI guidelines, lenders are not  permitted to give 100 percent of home financing.we can make 10 to 20 % of property purchase price.

     Housing loan amount is repaid in full along with due interest in time. It cannot only be taken for purchase of property, but also for the construction of a house. The Government  of India provides tax deduction  on the principal and interest .

      A home loan is a great financial  assistance. You should maintain  a steady income.Follow a strict budget to meet your equated monthly installments. Banks offer varied EMI options  .To ensure that your chosen EMI amount doesn’t exceed 45 % of your total income.

     Always maintain a good CIBIL score. Read the documents  thoroughly. Normally the home loans have high interest rates. Some banks have high interest rates. But today we can see the cheapest interest rate  home loan. Its interest rate is below 7%.

    Now RBI reduced the repo rate of loans because covid 19. So the interest rates and EMI have also increased. Now we can take home loans at low interest  rates. This low interest rate home loans are available to the good CIBIL score customers.  

     Bank of India provides 6.85 interest rate home loans for the people who have above 760 CIBIL score. We will get a free CIBIL score. Keep a good CIBIL score. If you have a low CIBIL score, you should pay a high EMI .

      HDFC banks giving home loans at 6.95%.ICICI banks ,SBI giving home loans at 6.95%.PUNJAB SIND BANK giving home loans at Rs 6.90%.The interest rate of central bank is 6.85%. The interest rate of Union Bank is 6.70%. These interest  rates are changed according  to repo rates. 

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