Ayushman arogya insurance – Rs 5 lakh insurance coverage, Benefits,How to find our name,how to download 


         Ayushman Bharat is a scheme  of the government  of India. Its aim is to achieve the vision of universal health coverage. It is a good attempt to move from a segmented approach  of health service  delivery to comprehensive health  care service. It helps to make a path breaking  intervention  to address the health care system at primary, secondary  and tertiary levels.

       It has two interrelated components like health and wellNess centers and pradhan mantri Jan arogya yojana.Health and wellness centers  transforming sub centers and primary  health  centers. These centers deliver comprehensive  primary health care. It helps to give health care  close to the people. They give maternal, child health  services  ,non communicable diseases,diagnostic  services  etc. It reduces the risk of developing  chronic  diseases and morbidity. 

     Pradhan mantri Jan arogya yojana is the second component of ayushman bharat. It is a big health insurance  scheme. It provides health coverage  of Rs 5 lakhs per family  per year. It provides only secondary  and tertiary care hospitalization. It is early known as the National  health  protection  scheme. It is fully funded by the government  and its costs are shared between state and Central governments. 

       It provides  cashless access to health care services. This insurance  scheme covers upto 3 days pre hospitalization  and 15 days post hospitalization  expenses in the hospital.  It covers all peoples without any restriction. It covers all costs related to treatment. It isn’t Limited to supplies,drugs,diagnosis, doctor charges,room rent,surgeon fees, OT ,ICU charges. 

      It provides  cashless coverage  up to Rs 5 lakhs per annum. It includes pre-hospitalization, medical, examination, treatment,  consultation, medication, intensive care unit, non intensive  care unit services,diagnosis,laboratory investigation, food services, post hospitalization, etc.This insurance  scheme is used by one or all members  of the family. RSBY had a family  cap of five members.  But it has no cap on family size. It has no age limits. 

      Pre-existing  diseases are also covered from the first  day. Now we can’t apply to this scheme. We can search our name in this scheme .

How to find our name in ayushman  arogya insurance 

  • Visit the official  website  of PMJAY
  • Search menu option.
  • Select an i eligible  option from portals.
  • Enter the mobile number. 
  • You will get an OTP
  • Enter OTP number and accept the policies. 
  • Click the Submit button.
  • Enter the state and name of the person. 
  • Enter father and mother’s name.
  • Select rural or urban
  • Enter district and village.
  •  You can see the name on the ayush card. 
  • You can see the family details  also. 
  •  You will get an SMS. 
  • You can see the names of hospitals  available for this benefit. 
  • You will get contact details  of these hospitals. 
  • You can search for the name in Ayushman  Mitra.
  • You can download  the lists. 
  • Enter block,  illegal and district. You can see the complete list of people  in the ayushman  card.
  • You can see the ID number 

How to download the Ayushman  card

  • Visit the official website of PMJAY.
  • Select beneficiary identification  system  from portals. 
  • Click download  ayushman card.
  • Select  aadhar card,sect scheme PMJAY. 
  • Enter aadhar number 
  • Enter OTP number. 
  • Then download  the Ayushman  card.

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