AthiJeevika scheme for women

               The state government has  accorded envisaged by the department of women and child development under with one time aid will be offered to families,  who are Orphaned and rendered helpless, because of the the death of their breadwinners. This scheme is called athi jeevika,  For women who have to shoulder the responsibility of families following the death of their husband. This scheme would be given a one time assistance of a maximumRs 50000 to help them. This scheme to help these woman find their feet in such  due crisis and to prevent many families from suicide.


  •  The annual income below RS 50,000 
  • Applicant would not be eligible, if she had an adult son
  • Age below 50 years
  • Orphans
  • Widow


  •  application form
  •  identity card
  •  bank passbook 
  • ration card 
  • village certificate 
  • Written consent about status
  •  birth certificate

 How to apply

  •  Application should be submitted to respective district women and child Development Officer

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