An insurance policy for low income peoples

         Today I would like to inform you about an insurance policy. We know about different types of insurance policies.We will also be a part of any insurance policies.But we have to pay a huge amount for one year policies.The common man cannot even think of this .

     But today I want to share with you about a policy that we can join for a very small amount.To join this policy ,we need to spend Rs 149. We will also get coverage of Rs 1,00,000 for one year. If we join the insurance coverage of  Rs 5 lakh, we should pay Rs 850. If we join the insurance coverage of Rs 10 lakhs, we should pay Rs 1750.

    First we can see what is the term insurance policy.  The policy holder  do not get any benefit.  But his family gets benefits through this policy.If the policy holder dies within the policy limit, nominee gets a very large amount.

    It is a very good policy . Because we all have many types of loans, etc, After death of us this debt liability,  will goes to a financial liability to our family. But we will join this term insurance policy,nominee will get a financial assistance.  

    We can pay  Rs 6000 to Rs 8000 premium, we will get insurance coverage up to 1 crore. We will get tax reduction till 1 ½ lakh. It is like vehicle insurance. 

    You should join this insurance policy as early as possible.  Check the claim settlement ratio of insurance policy.  We can take ICICI Prudential policy within minutes.  We can select the policy. If we have to select the coverage up to Rs 1 lakh to Rs 5 lakh, our annual income should be Rs 1 lakh.

     If we have to select the coverage from 5 lakhs, our annual income should be Rs 2 lakhs. After the death of policy holder , this insurance will get to the nominee.

     Accidental death,death by natural disaster will get this policy. It will not get for suicidal death.  Within 45 days after joined this policy ,only accidental  death will get this policy .

    We can joined this term insurance  policy through phone pay . We can take this policy through phone pay app, after 3 months joined this app. Open the my money section and select insurance.

     Select the term life and we can select the policy. Enter the details and enter the details of nominee.We can pay through credit cards.  We will. Get documents  to mail. 

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