An effective home remedy for wheezing, gastritis, uterine tumors

      Today I would like to inform  you  about  a home remedy  for wheezing, hepatitis and uterine tumors, acidity, swelling. These are very common diseases. Everyone  take english medicines for these problems . But today I would like to introduce a home remedy for it.


Coriander – 200 g

Dried ginger   –  50g

Black cumin  –  25g

Cumin   –  25 g

Ajwain –  1 teaspoon


      Grind all these ingredients after frying.we can use this powder daily. We can add this powder to the tea instead of tea powder. It helps to reduce gastritis, swelling, wheezing, uterine tumors ,etc. It has no side effects.

       Coriander helps to reduce blood pressure, cholesterol . It boosting our immunity level.It improves digestion,It is rich in vitamins.Coriander is good for conjunctivitis. It helps to reduce the muscle spasm in the gut.

     Dried ginger is good for indigestion, cough, nausea.It removes toxins from our body.

      Black cumin is used for diabetes, infection, digestive problems,headache,etc. It cure gastric problems, asthma,congestion. Cumin is also good for improve digestion.  It helps to cure abdominal pain.It has anti inflammatory effects. 

        Ajwain seeds are used for peptic ulcers. It improves the airflow and prevents coughing.It helps digestion better.

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