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Furniture are appliances used to generate heat for all of a building. Furnaces heat air and are heated through the house using ducts. It is an enclosed structure in which heat is produced.. The lifespan of an average furnace is 15 to 20 years. Aluva smokeless furnace was the famous type of furnace. 7 to 36 sizes are available in the market. Single,double and casting furnaces are available. Smokeless stoves have higher fuel efficiency than conventional wood burning stoves. Smokeless ovens are an integral part of traditional kitchens.It is made using granite slab and spaced cooking pits. It is designed with the air Provide adequate oxygen to the burning firewood. It is not necessary to construct a large Chimney. It increases our health benefits. You can make it within a predetermined space. Smokeless stove needs 50 percent less firewood.

Grilled furnaces are kitchen appliances used for cooking. In grilled furnaces the metal frame is attached to a stove for cooking meat, fish, vegetables over fire. It is attached to barbecue stands for outdoor cooking. Ultra convenient feature grilled furnaces are available in the market. During holidays Barbecue meals increase in popularity. So people are likely to increase the demand for grilled furnaces. Cooking food over a grilled furnace is a healthy way of cooking. So the demand for grilled furnaces in the next few years increased. Apart from charcoal operated Barbecue stand manufactures have also come up with the gas and electric grilling equipment. So leading manufacturers are introducing grilled furnaces. The Global grilled furnace market can be classified as electric grilled furnace, charcoal grilled furnace and gas grilled furnaces. Gas grilled furnaces are more popular for affordability and portability.

Rocket furnaces provide higher efficiency rating and it is able to eat your home with 90% less wood fuel. It is a provider of hotter and more efficient combustion of wood fuel. It helps the heat produced to be slowly released. Itne produces less smoke, carbon monoxide and soot. Rocket furnaces also produce complete combustion. Most of the chemical compounds are burnt Into smoke. It provides a cleaner and healthier environment.

We can see a place where we get aluva smokeless furnaces, grill furnaces, rocket furnaces at affordable prices.It is in kerala store, manjeri, malappuram.

Available products

Kerala oven furnace

They used steel in all parts.
They used 2mm thick jindal steel.
It does not bulged
They used castern cylinder inside the furnaces.
They used castern rings.
We can clean it easily.
You can fit it in the modular kitchen.
6-8-9,6-9-12 sizes are available.
Two size rings are available.
It has Rs 17500

Kerala oven furnace with grilling

Grilling available.
Castern grill used.
Separate trays to collect waste.
You can make barbeque
They used 2mm steel to it.
Castern cylinders are used inside the furnaces.
It has Rs 28,000 with fitting.

Rocket oven

They used castern cylinders.
It has a blower to provide air to it.
It has a regulator like fan.we can control the fire using it.
You can use it outside.
It is a portable furnaces.
It needs a mobile charger plug in the vehicle.
You can use it in houses.
Different sizes are available.
You can use all types of woods.
It is a new update of furnaces. It has high power.
Pellets can be used.

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