Alternate methods to evict tenant without resorting to court proceedings

Tenant is a person who occupies land rented from a landlord.There are three types of tenancy agreements in our country. They are a rent agreement, lease agreement, leave and license agreement.A tenant is someone who pays rent for the place they live in a land or buildings that they use.A tenant is required to pay monthly rent, light, gas bill, parking charges agreed upon in a timely manner.A tenant should take good care of residence, ensuring no damage is caused by him within the house. The tenants are expected to obey unfair rules and pay unnecessary charges not mandated by the law.

A tenant enters into a written agreement with the landlord, making him entitled to receive a duplicate copy of the agreement while the owner retains the original. A tenant should be handed residence clean and well maintained. The tenant should get an acknowledgement for the deposit that he has paid.Most owners do not charge the members for maintenance. Landlord cannot enter rented premises as per hias whims. He has to provide 24 hour notice to the tenant.

Tenants have the right to invite guests, friends and colleagues over to their apartment. They have complete access to the society facilities provided the guidelines for use. The landlord is not allowed to disconnect the water, gas or electricity as means of recovering pending rent. They cannot put unlawful restrictions on the tenant. The owner’s parking place is given to the tenant to park his vehicles. The tenant has the right to park inside the society premises. Tenants should be allowed to utilize the services of the society’s service staff. Landlords cannot evict the tenant before the tenancy duration in the lease agreement. Landlord is required to return the security deposit paid by the tenant while the agreement was signed. If the tenant faces any harassment from the owner, the tenant has the right to file an FIR to the police.

Tenant is required to pay his monthly rent agreed upon in a timely manner. Tenants should take good care of the residence and society premises. If he is responsible for any breakage. If something stops functioning by itself, he should get it required and seek reimbursement from the owner. Prefixed rate of calculation the monthly rent increases after the tenant completes one year. Tenants should not cause inconvenience.

An eviction notice should be filed in a court of competent jurisdiction,starting the basis for eviction and the time and date by which the tenant must leave the property. The landlord must allow the tenant a reasonable amount of type to quit the property. Sometimes the tenant refuses to vacate the rented property after getting the eviction notice of the court. You can take the help of a rental property lawyer and file an eviction suit against the tenant in civil court.

Evicting a tenant can be huge stress for a landlord. Eviction of a tenant by the landlord is laid down by various state laws. Finding a tenant is a very easy process. It is the most convenient way to earn money. A person takes a huge risk in lending out his property to a stranger. Sometimes the tenant is neither paying the rent nor vacating the property. Landlords take extreme precautions to avoid such situations.

Rent Control Act introduced to buy the Government of India in 1948. According to this act, it regulates the rentals of the properties and eviction of the tenants. Rent agreement needs to be signed between landlord and tenants stating the details of rented property,rent period, monthly rent amount and parties involved.The landlord has filed an eviction suit against the tenant if there is justifiable and valid reason.

Different methods are available to evict a tenant without resorting to court can give a complaint to the nearest police station. But the police do not have the power to solve a problem. Police only have the power to deal with the criminal case. otherwise you can make an application about not renewing the license in the local authority to the municipality or panchayat. It is applicable in shops.but it is not applicable in houses.These two methods are not can use Rent control act method to evict tenants easily.

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