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       Electrical Items are appliances used for electrical uses.There are different types of electrical like wires,cables,switches metal boxes,sockets, switchgear and others.Electrical appliances are equipments which is dependent on electric currents in order to work properly and equipment for generation, transfer and measurement of current. Electric appliances are absolutely set up to power electric appliances. Electrical materials are an essential part used in construction projects to connect your home. Electrical parts can vary from small house circuits to big industrial plants. Electrical wire is made with metal,copper or aluminum that carry electricity through an electrical circuit. It may be run overhead through conduit . wire is protected by design. Explosion proof is a product design to contain electric short.circuit breakers are devices that automatically interrupt the follow of an electric current to protect against overload.

     Before selecting switches and sockets,you should select quality materials. There are different types of electricity like wires,cables,modular switches, sockets,metal boxes,etc.Electrical appliances are powered by an electric current from a power source ,while electronic appliances use numerous circuits. 

     Most of the common types of switches are available in the market. Wall switches are essential devices that control light fixtures in the home.most of the common types of switches are in different styles,rocker,slider,push button. The style doesn’t affect switch function. Single pole switches are available in the market. Double pole switches are commonly used in Industrial applications. Three way switches are used in pairs .It has three terminal screws.

     We can see a place where we get electrical items at 45% discount. It is on Everest agencies ,Ernakulam. All electrical items are available here.electric items, switches,cables,wiring items are available at low prices.They have 30 years experience.all accessories are available.  B22 holders,E27 holders, bells,extension codes are available. We get immediate replacement from the company. They provide all support to the wiring. 

The materials available in the shop


       Most modern types of switches are available here.All brands are available can change the switches. Havells Fabio switches are available. It is premium ,medium available.We can place it vertically and horizontally. We can place it in small places. Different color variations are available. Golden ,acrylic colors are available.  These are long lasting switches.  These switches have Rs 30 with will get 10 years warranty. Signia is the same as Fabio. It has round edges. 

      You can take 2.1 amp USB from this directly without a charger.different models are available. They provide site service also.They provide service within 48 hours.They provide 45% discount to these switches. Amare model switches have another facility.  We can fix automation to these switches.It is the latest technology. You can control it through mobile. Different tones are available. Polycarbonate, metal,glass plates are available. They provide a 10 years warranty. Ducor model switches are available. It has automation,digital switches are available. It is the prestigious product of havells. They are soft switches.  It has a life long warranty. This is the safest switch. It has shutter proof sockets also.Fabio switches are available.  We can change the plates. Different kinds of plates are available.  You can select the plate as you wish.


    It is a one time investment. So you should select  quality materials. Havells,finolex,RR,polycab wires are available. These all are proven brands. These all are FR  wires. Havells provide HRFR wires. It reduces heat. You will get it at better should check the data.1 coil has Rs 980 + tax. Different  brands are available here.


     UG cables ABC cables are available. We can connect it directly. It is provided has Rs 70/ meter.

MCB,DB boxes

     It is available at low prices.we can use it in homes. It provides safety. 6 brands are available. They provide a 6 year warranty. 3 phase DB boxes are available.Different sizes are available. Industrial uses main switches are available. MCCBs are available. 

Ceiling Fans

      A variety of BLDC fans are available. It starts from Rs is the latest technology fan. Stealth premium model brand available. It takes a maximum of 7 only takes 30 watts . Wooden replication fans are available.  Dust free fans are available. We can easily clean  it. It starts from Rs 3000 .It has a 2 year warranty. After 10 years,you can register a complaint. They clear the complaint with a small cost. Different designs of ceiling fans are available. 

Wall fans

     Variety Wall fans,fully covered fans,cabin fans, exhaust fans are available.  Ceiling exhaust fans are available. Latest small toilet exhaust fans are available. It has Rs 1100.Traditional exhaust fan has Rs 1300

Water Heaters

    Different types of water heaters are available. 1 litre water heater starts from Rs 2900.They provide connection tubes freely. It is havell brand materials.  They provide free installation also.

Air conditioner 

     Different kinds of AC are available. Havellshad a specific team for AC servicing. Compressor of an inverter AC has a 10 years warranty. All AC has a 5 year warranty. 


     Schneider is a European  brand switch. Neo Emitra model switches are available. Alti premium switches are available.  It has Rs 2000.legrand molina model switches are available .GM switches are available. It has Rs 20.plates are pvc materials. 

Wall lights

Ceiling lights

Atom berg series

     They are mastering BLDC technology. Latest fans are available.  It needs only 28volt. Its motor has 10cm.

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