Al Barakah Holding Company Dubai Careers 2023

Al Barakah Holding Company

Do you want a job in Dubai that too in a trusted company? Then this is the vacancy for you. Read more to get all the details. 

About Al-Barakah-company

Established in 2006, Al Barakah Holding is responsible for a number of noteworthy endeavours, from the provision of first-rate services to locals to the creation of cutting-edge 

communities in the United Arab Emirates.

Al Barakah Holding is thriving to expand the country of the United Arab Emirates’s economic prospects. By maintaining long-term objectives for each of its interconnected subsidiaries and providing crucial solutions across many sectors, the corporation has achieved tremendous success and growth over the years.

Company Name Al Barakah Holding
Location Dubai
Job RollSelective
job typeFull Time Job
Job Published English Date22.04.2023.
job Published Arabic Date 2 Shawwal – 1444 AH
Expected salaryAttractive salary
Salary Unit Monthly

Service and Products – Al Barakah Holding Company 

The company has business in almost every sector of human life. They provide unparalleled experience of leisure and Entertainment. Following are the industries on which the company has invested:  (Dubai more jobs APPLY NOW )

  • Hospitality and Facilities Management
  • Staff Accommodation
  • Construction and Interior Design 
  • Community Development
  • Entertainment
  • Healthcare
  • Health and Fitness
  • Security
  • Manufacture

Vacancies in Al Barakah Company – Al Barakah Holding Company Dubai Careers 2023

The list of vacancies available now are the following:  (Dubai more jobs APPLY NOW )

  • Legal Assistant
  • Data Entry
  • Sales Executive
  • Customer Services
  • IT Assistant
  • Accountant
  • Guest services Host
  • Receptionist 
  • QHSES coordinator 

How to Set Career Goals

Goal setting is vital for professional progress, whether you desire to climb up the corporate ladder or change careers. Careers without goals are like trips without maps or GPS. You’ll be lost. Even if you knew where to go, you wouldn’t know how. The result? You circle and may return to the point where you started. That’s why so many individuals feel trapped in their employment.

You can create a career plan after defining your goals. Start with these ideas.

See success..

How do Olympians prepare for huge events? Top achievers practise visualising their goals before competitions. They envision victory or match points. Visualising accomplishment instead of failure boosts your chances of success enormously. This method can be utilised for job interviews and career planning. Success boosts confidence and helps you attain goals.

Set flexible career goals.

Career goals are supposed to be clear but flexible. Goals are rarely achieved directly. The achievement is not an exact line’, says Arianna Huffington.

Minimise professional objectives.

“You do not have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step,” remarked Martin Luther King, Jr. First, determine your overall aim, and then split it into several smaller steps. This method organises and motivates. Because your goal seems easy, you’ll procrastinate less

Set ambitious career goals.

Effective goals push you to greatness. Mark Murphy calls those HARD objectives. Hard goals are emotional, necessary, and challenging. This method requires four questions:

1.)Why this goal? (heartfelt)

2.) What are you doing in one, three, and five years? (animated)

3.) What must you do in the next six months to reach this goal? After 90 days? Next month? What can you do today? (required)

4.) What are the top three to five abilities you need to reach this goal? How will you practise? (difficult)

Accountability methods

Goals require accountability. Write out your goals. Writing out your goals helps you clarify and follow through. Detailing your goals increases success. In one study, those who visualise their goals are 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to achieve them. Sharing your goals with a supportive friend is another approach to stay accountable. A coach or other non-judgmental third party can hold you accountable and inspire you.

How to Apply 

Applying for these positions is straightforward and may be done entirely online. To learn more about Al Barakah visit their website. To view all available positions, click the “show all jobs” link on the main menu. Then, you’ll see a breakdown of the company’s divisions, from which you can pick the right one to apply for the job. When you find a job that interests you, you can apply for it by clicking the “apply” button and then filling out the application form with your contact details and relevant work experience. Send in your application with a cover letter and resume attached.

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Al Barakah Holding Company Dubai Careers 2023APPLY NOW

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