Air bags are mandatory on all four wheelers

                Today I would like to inform you about an important information. This is an important rule that vehicle owners should be know it.Two air bags are being made mandatory in all vehicles in our country.Rule is that air bags will be mandatory in the passenger seat in the front seat.

        Since july 2019 ,air bags have been mandatory in the drivers seat.The vehicle manufacturers need to do this to keep passengers safe in the event of an accident. So air bags are mandatory  in all vehicles.

       Speed alert,seat belt reminder,reverse parking sensor  these are the basic security features. Air bags are made of nylon.Air bags are vehicle occupant restraint system.It is used to inflate quickly and deflate during a collision. It provides energy absorbing surface between vehicle occupants ,steering wheel,wind shield etc. It contains nitrogen bag.It bursts faster than the blink of an eye.

       A car with 8 air bags protect every part of every occupant. It supplement protection  and it work best in combination with seat belts. Air bags are folded and concealed behind various parts inside of the vehicle.

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