Again started  the pension distribution ,Rs 2600 will  get each

               Even before Onam all beneficiaries of our state , hands of a common man get the best financial assistance is Rs 2600 each. In the time of this  destruction of the livelihoods of the common people, this is one of the greatest blessings .Social security pensions have become one of the largest financial contribution of our state during the time of Covid. About Rs 8500 reached the accounts of a lot of deserving  people. It was a very comfort benefit to all. Those pensions were delivered in two ways. 

        The first way would be to reach the bank accounts or deliver them home. Officials  hand it cash over to poor people who asked for it and the distribution is being resumed in compliance with. Both of these conditions the state government had complete the pension arrears till April. Increased the basic pension is Rs 1300. It is learnt that its distribution will again start in August. The amount of two months pension will reach your hands.

        The amount of 2 months of May and June is about Rs 2600 will reach your hands. Approximately one person will get a pension of Rs 2600. There will be one or more pensioners in the same family . The amount will be distributed considering all the criteria of covid. You can use the sevana website to check that the pension amount has reached the bank accounts.

      Officials will be able to deliver amount into the hands of those who requested at home service while considering all the criteria of Covid .you should know that the distribution will start from when and  you will be notified as soon as you know that information. You can check if the distribution is interrupted or not. In anyway our Kerala state has about 48 lakh people receiving social security pension.

          The state government has now set aside 1165 crore for that distribution. Similarly there are those people  who receive welfare pension from various welfare board . Our state government set aside about Rs 200 crore for them. The chief minister explained in a press conference that the amount for pension  has been sanctioned for the distribution . This time around Rs 2600 is reaching the hands of a common people. This is one of the most beneficial benefits to the general public during this Onam and covid-19 backgrounds. Those who  receive various welfare pensions may include older ones . There may not be a situation where they have nothing to go out . There may be a lot of people who do not know about such benefits . Before Onam , a great deal of help is available into  the hands of the common people.So please share this information to others.

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