Advantages of laterite wall tiles

Laterite stone products have been widely used for eco-friendly construction. Laterite stone cladding tiles with glossy and mat finish for residential and commercial buildings. Laterite is both soul and rock type rich in aluminum and iron . It is commonly formed in hot and wet tropical areas,All Laterite has rusty red coloration.It contains high iron oxide content. Laterization is a prolonged process of chemical weathering .Laterite was cut into brick like shapes. It is commonly used in monument building. Laterite stones are ground and filtered using a sieve ,mixed with 5% cement mixture and chemical setting agent.then machine compressed to form high density interlocking g bricks.

Laterite is exciting material which can be crafted. It has lovely texture and color.The best quality Laterite in the world is believed to be located in the mid range land of northern kerala. Laterite stone cladding tiles are used for wall cladding for exterior and interior. The Laterite finish walls are very elegant. It is a lovely material for construction.

Laterite stone cladding tiles are used for wall cladding for exterior and interior. Laterite bricks are acquired from the mines of Laterite is converted into Laterite stones manually or with machine cut.Laterite bricks are natural stones . It has cooling properties. It keeps the home cool during the summer season.laterite brick has good thermal insulation properties. It easily adapts to the weather.

It is easily available in hot tropical regions. It is cost effective material. It has larger size than others .It can be cut by machine mostly uniform in sizes.ot can gain strength over a period of time.Laterite tiles are used as cladding is used for cladding interior and exterior. It gives a natural and antique look . It is used for walls ,pillars and used for renovating old assets.Unique size and extraordinary finish Laterite stones are available.

We can see a house made with natural laterite tile. It is a beautiful tile.It is made by Hajar laterite tile,perumanna, should select same design laterite should select perfectly shaped bricks.They set clearly the corner of these bricks. Do not use cement to paste it. You can use gum.

These bricks are one side polished .It has 20mm thickness.Most of the people select red shade. We can use these tiles exterior and interior. We can use it everywhere. It provides cooling effects. We can use it in large areas.They apply clear to it .it prevents insects.It is the best option for wall tiles.It is quality material. It has Rs 100/ square feet.1 box has 8 pieces. 6×6 size, 6×12 sizes are available. These are good texture materials.These are natural materials. But it doesn’t fade.

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