Advantages of GFRG panels

GFRG is a product that was developed in Australia. GFRG is Glass Fiber reinforced Gypsum. It can be used to build rapid building construction technology. In our country enormous housing demand is causing exhaustion of raw building materials. So the cost of building materials is increasing. Aur country requires high efficiency building materials for strong and durable housing. Now most of the builders prefer sustainable solutions like GFRG. These materials are high strength, resistance, glass fibers bonded with the gypsum cement. It can be used for high speed construction. The construction time half decreased 40% because it is already manufactured. It decreases the usage of building materials like cement, Steel, sand etc. So it is more affordable for building construction. These panels can help the building cooler by up to 4 degrees. The lifespan of a house built using a gfrg panel is 80 to 90 years.

GFRG panels release 20% of their own weight. It decreases the surface temperature and fire damage. Itihaas earthquake resistance. It is used in shear wall construction. Etihad high durability, great dimensional stability and strength. It is 5 times stronger and durable than other construction materials. It has water resistant capacity. Itihaas 1 kg per square foot. It is lighter than other building materials. Decreases the lord on the supporting beams of the building.

You should stack it. Otherwise it leads to distortion,damage and abrasion. It should be stated vertically on support extending the full length of the panel. You should handle it with care. Cutting of this Spanish should be made with special tools. It should be handled carefully while loading and transportation. Itihaas high load bearing capacity and environmentally beneficial solution. It can withstand earthquakes of up to 8 Richter scale.
These panels are termite proof,water resistant and fireproof material. It is a contemporary building material used to create houses quickly. It has a glassy surface.

We can see a house constructed with GFRG material. It is 5 inches thick.It has 8 to 10m length,3 m height is Australian technology.

Advantages of GFRG panels

You can save 50% of the carpet area.
It has less wall thickness
It reduces temperature in the rooms.
Easily installation
One side of this panel is finished and one side is rough.
They used treated gypsum panels. So it is a water resistant material.
We can finish the work within 4 months.
They filled the concrete with this has good compressive strength.
It reduces total cost.
Do not need putty.
They used belts on these panels.
They used 6m length and 3 m height.
We can use WPC panels, steel doors, and steel windows with these panels.
They used AAC doors also.
We can use this material for 3 floors without columns.
They used a ferros slab modular kitchen.
Doesn’t need plastering.
It is water resistant material.They sandrub the panel with a gum.
They used channels for plumbing in the exterior.
They used green gypsum to fill the joints.
This house has 12.4 thickness.
It does not need lindel. They used micro beams above the windows, sunshades and doors.
It resists earthquakes.

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