A solar power plant can be set up with 88 % subsidy

          Today I would like to share with you a very useful topic that you can do if you have  space at the top of your house. You can install a solar power plant on the roof of your  house. For this KSEB provides 88 % subsidy.

       Registration for it has started.We can apply for this online.Mainly it has 2 schemes.KSEB and the customer can set up a solar power plant together.KSEB initiates a subsidy programme for our domestic consumers.

        Another scheme is the customer sets up the solar plant themselves.After taking the required power from it ,we can sell the remaining power to KSEB. We can earn from it.

             We can apply through akshaya centers. Kerala has been give 50 MW  under this scheme. Solar plant capacity should be 3 keep. All consumers with average monthly consumption up to 200 units are eligible.  Application fees :- Rs 1000+ GST. If you have any doubt please visit the akshaya centers/ KSEB.

Contact number  : 1912

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