A malayalee invented oxygen from easy oxygen generator at a cost of less than Rs 2000

     Today I would like to introduce a person who makes oxygen  at a cost of less than Rs 2000. This is a situation where covid 19 increased. It is a time when many peoples are scrambling to get oxygen. But oxygen is not available from anywhere. Many people succumb to death without oxygen. It is a very difficult situation.  

     Most hospitals pay a high price for oxygen. This is a very difficult thing for ordinary people. But they give that amount for the sake of the lives of the relatives.

     But now we can meet a person who has done a very appropriate deed. But an individual in our Kerala has invented oxygen using oxygen generating equipment. His name was chandrabose. Oxygen is produced by this machine at a very low cost.

      Now we  can see the importance of oxygen generating equipment. He used a chemical process for this method.  In commercial production  of oxygen  is, absorb oxygen from the atmosphere and expel other gases. That time I got cold oxygen.  They use liquid oxygen. And sell through the cylinders. 

     He used two antiseptic liquids for this purpose.  We get oxygen  from these solutions.  The byproduct  dissolves in water and disappears. 

     It is very useful  for this situation.  Its price is below Rs 2000. He produced 5000 ml oxygen in 1 bottle. We can use this oxygen for ½ hour.

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