A beautiful house in 2950 square feet  

    Today  I want to introduce you to a beautiful house It has 2950 square feet. Its roof is made up of Spanish series roofing tile.  It is very beautiful  house. This house has an open sit out.  First we enter into the main hall. 

    But the left side there is a living room. We can see a broad main hall. In the middle of the hall we can see two pillars. It has grey texture. Behind the TV designed with Mike.

    Variety of Fancy lights are attached to the sealing. We can see the pergola model  in the roof.This allows sunlight to enter the house. We can see L shaped sofa and hanging sofa in the main hall.

     Epoxy is applied to the flooring tiles. Epoxy  resins are used in the manufacturer  of plastics,paints,flooring and other products.  A cross cutting mirror is in the hall. We can see a  prayer room. 

   This house has totally 4 bed rooms. We can see a separation in the master bedroom and bathroom.CMC cutting is used for this seperation. Bed designed with head pad cushion.  Bed room has a traditional  look.

   Kids room is very beautiful.  In this room we can see two beds in upstairs  and downstairs. Steps are used as storage space. Glimbs curtains are used in windows. It helps to good ventilation. This room has a good study space.  This house had 2 common bathrooms and 2 attached bathrooms.

    DWe can see a guest bed room in this house. We can see good ventilated kitchen. Kitchen drawers are made up of wood. We can see hanging lights here. We can see two bar chairs. Breakfast table made up of  artificial granite. An another table is here.  There is a staircase from the work area.

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