A beautiful  7 lakh budget house in 700 square feet 

       Today I would like to introduce the housing plans starting from Rs 7 lakh.Having a beautiful  home is the dream of every person. The dream of common man is to keep that too at a very low cost.

        It is a good idea to have a beautiful homes at a very low cost without taking any loan. Today I would like to introduce such a house. This house is situated in kunnappally near chalakudy This house has 700 square feet.Its price is Rs 7 lakh.

          It has a beautiful sit out.A  window is placed in the sit out. Main door is made with wood. It is designed beautifully. We can see a  medium large living area .we can arranged a sofa, chair here. We can see an open dining room here.

      We can see a beautiful  showcase . In this house we can see 3 bed rooms.2 bed rooms has inbuild shelves. There is an attached bed room. It contains rain shower. There is a common wash area  and bathroom. It contains hand shower.

         We can see a beautiful  kitchen. They are arranged 2 shelves in the kitchen. There are 3 smokeless stoves. In this kitchen  arranged storage spaces.

       This house is build by ambadi builders,chalakudy  . It can be build by Rs 1000/ square feet. Its total price is Rs 7 lakh.

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