A beautiful 2000 sq ft house in 4.25 cents

        Today I would like to introduce a new house in Tripunithura,Ernakulam. It is a very beautiful house. This house is located at a distance of 500 metre from puthiyakavu,Tripunithura. It house is  2000 square feet. 

       We can see a beautiful  gate made up of GI square tube and duck wood. It is a sliding gate. Courtyard made up of interlock blocks. It is in 4.25 cents.It has a small sitout. Its main door is made up of designed wood.

         We can see a pleasant  living room.  We can set a TV unit in the living room. This house has a separate dining room. We can see a designed washing area.  We can see adequate  storage spaces under the staircase and washing area.

          This house has totally 5 bed rooms. One is study room. 4 bed rooms  are bath attached.  Kitchen separated with a glass door. We can see a large kitchen. We can see adequate  storage spaces. We can see 2 bedrooms in first floor.It is a 12×13 bedroom.we can see a very beautiful bathroom. Next bedroom is 14×11 size .we can see 2 windows in the bed room.

       Stair case is made with black  granites.we can see a lobby area  we can see 3 bed rooms in the second floor.  The bedrooms are 14×11,12×13 sized.  

         We can see a beautiful balcony.The wall of balcony made up of cladding stones. We can see a utility area. We can see 2 houses look alike . These two houses are for sale. The price of one house is Rs 80 lakh.

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