How to increase the speed of the ceiling fan

       The only comfort we have at home during this hot  season is AC ,cooler fan. Of these only fan is the only trust for those who are not in the house of AC and cooler. The problem with the most houses are the fan has a low speed. No matter what speed the fan is placed, it will not see much change in rotation .

There is not enough wind . In most cases, al of l you have to do is drop the old fan and buy the new one .But we can increase the speed of the ceiling fan. Let’s see what to do.

  • The first thing  to do is turn off the fan.
  • After putting the cup  screw loose on the top of the fan and move up.
  • Now you can see a white part in the round shape. It’s name is capacitor . 
  • Along with capacitor you can see some wires.
  • There are two wires on one side of the wire connector and 3 wires on the other side.
  •  The first one of the two wire is phase and the second  is neutral.
  • There are three winding on the fan motor. Two of the three wires go here and one is common. The neutral wire will go directly to the common.
  •  Two windings  go through the phase capacitor .
  •  Loose the  screw into the two wires and get out the wire than go from the connector to the capacitor.
  • We have to see the capacitor wires and the wires going to the fan together joined.
  • Separate the wires.
  • Get the capacitor out.
  • Since there is no screw, the capacitor can  easily remove.
  • Now check the capacitor valve.
  • If you are buying a new capacitor,buy 2.25/2.5 value.
  • Just plug in the capacitor and switch on to check the working of the new one.
  •  Now take out and touch  two wires. If the spark comes ,the capacitor is ok .
  • Now it can be fitted to the fan .
  • The old capacitors sit’s on this one as well.
  • Not  put it together in the twisted wires.
  • It  is best to mark the wires, as they are separated, so as not to distract. Then plug it into the wire connector.
  • Now turn the switch on .
  • Then you will see that the speed of the  fan increases.
  • If  so check the regulator, if the speed of the fan is not high.

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