9 lakh  budget a  wonderful house

                    A house is a building that function home. Houses can range from rudimentary huts of nomadic tribes and the improvise shacks,  fixed structures of wood, concrete pumping materials, electric system and ventilation. Houses of may have a different roofing systems to keep rain from getting into dwelling spaces. of It may have  doors or locks protect its inhabitants from burglars. Modern houses in western cultures will contain a living room, one or more bedrooms bathroom,recreation room and kitchen. The dining room may be integrated into another room.

               A house may be accompanied by out buildings such as garage for vehicle. Household is family  units of some kinds other social groups. some houses only have a row houses may contain numerous family dwellings. Some houses may have backyard or front yard which  serve as additional areas. Architects of houses design rooms to meet the needs of the people. 

Importance of houses 

  • Houses provides security,  control, belonging, identity,  privacy
  • A person without home cannot plan for a family 
  • The home and family become a foundation for the families shared sense of purpose
  •  An architect of houses design rooms to meet the needs of people

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