5 Repacking  businesses- how to start with low investment 


     If you are ready to start a business,you should choose the right business idea. Finding the best business  idea is very difficult. So take your time to explore the options. There are a lot of businesses you can start at your home. You  can start these businesses  with minimal overhead expenses. These ideas that align with your interests and goals. You can determine which type of business  you are best suited for. 

    Today we can see how to start repacking business. Repacking is a very profitable business.  In this business,  buy some items wholesale  and convert them into small packets and sell them.It ensures the safety of products. It enhances the quality  of products and increases profitability.

    It is an easy business  to start. You can start this business  anywhere at any time. It provides new entrepreneurs with new ideas. Starting a business requires a lot of confidence and determination. Majority of repacking  materials  are well available  in the market.

    You can start repacking food grain  products like peas,mustard,cumin,chili powder,etc and liquid products  like coconut  oil, sunflower  oil,etc. And you can start repacking bakery items,dry fruits and other items, you can sell these products  by repacking with the help of a re packaging  machine.

    You should select  the best profitable products for business.  These are innovative  and high marketing demand business  ideas. We can start this business  with low investment. Buy wholesale high marketing products  and store them. Divide into  multiple packages and sell them.

    First one is the cocoa powder repacking  idea. Now home baking is increasing. .Most of the people  make cakes in their homes. So cocoa powder is a very essential  ingredient  to make cakes. It has high demand  on the market. Cocoa powder helps to reduce inflammation.  It protects you from cancer,diabetes, and heart diseases. It is used for flavor in biscuits,Ice creams,drinks and cakes. It is consumed by the beverage  industry  for preparation  of chocolate  milk.1 kg cocoa powder has a price of Rs 250 to 300. But in the market 200 g cocoa powder costs Rs 200. So we will get a good profit from this business. Pack well and sell it to the bakeries  and supermarkets. 

     China Grass  is another item. We can start repacking the business  of China grass. China grass is a jelly-like substance made from red algae. It is used for pudding,jellies and custards. It is one of the most enjoyable desserts for young people.its price is Rs 800 / 200 g.we will get wholesale Rs 1200 / kg. 

    Custard powder is another product for repacking.  Custard powder is a fine yellow powder made up of milk powder , sugar and egg yolk. It is the tasty base for many savory recipes. It is used for sauces over puddings, cake,jellies  and other desserts.It is very useful  for making  bakery items. Its price is Rs 142/kg. We will get Rs 100 / kg wholesale. 

      Kazooriee methi repacking business  is very profitable.  Its price is Rs 130/ 50 g. We will get Rs 100 / kg. It is fenugreek  powder. It is the dried leaves of the fenugreek plant. It is used as a spice in Indian  curries. 

     Ice cream powder  is another repacking material. We can make ice creams in our homes with this powder. It consists  of fat,milk powder,sugar, gelatin,egg and flavours. We can buy wholesale and sell it to the market .These businesses  have no competition. You should select good manufacturers.  You should need FMCG and a repacking  license  for this business. 

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