5 Businesses that you can start at Rs 10000


     Most of the people are always looking for a way to do things better, faster and cheaper. An entrepreneur should know how to get a job done right. You should choose a business idea that you are knowledgeable and passionate about and develop a detailed business plan. Before starting a business determine if there is a demand for the product. You want to start a business and you are having a tough time making your idea. If you want to become an entrepreneur you need inspiration. While starting a retail business might have been good ideas previously ,you should reconsider those thoughts until you see how the next year  plays out. 

      A business is an organisation entity engaged in industrial, professional and commercial activities. Business used to define the activities and the efforts of individuals to produce and sell things and services for profit. Business types range from limited liability companies, corporations and partnerships. Small businesses are runs of small operations in a single industry and large operations spread across many Industries around the world.

Business requires business plans before starting it. Business plan is a formal document that describes the company’s goals and the objectives. Business plans are essential when you want to borrow capital to begin business. Determining legal structure is another important thing. Entrepreneurs may need to secure permits,licenses, and registration requirements to begin legal operations. Most businesses operate with the purpose of generating profit.

        Business refers to all activities involved with the sale and purchase of goods. There are a number of steps you need to start a business. It includes marketing research,developing a business plan and maintaining capital, choosing location, picking  a written name, submitting a registration process ,obtaining tax documents ,etc. You can start an online business also. Business plans are essential to start a business and help to secure the funding unit to start your business.

      We can see businesses  starting  with Rs 10000 investment. Nowadays these businesses  have large  opportunities .These are service businesses. After that we can add products  to it and establish  the business. 

  • Wellness advisor 

Healthcare is a variety  of fields  with many career options. For those who are passionate about helping  others,and manage their health through  lifestyle  habits, becoming a wetness advisor. Wellness advisor is a professional who helps the clients work toward their health goals by educating about fitness and stress management techniques. They have a background in nutrition, Biology, health science, exercise ,mental health or fitness coaching. They can  work in hospitals, health clinics, fitness centres ,schools ,corporations, etc . They can perform educating, Consulting , mentoring and supporting peoples can improve their health. You should complete your education and then apply for certification and gain work experience, continue professional development and you can start a Wellness Centre.Now it has good opportunities in the rural and urban  areas. A network  is necessary. You can establish it   with Rs 10,000.then you can create a Wellness hub. 

  • Gifting business

Create a business  plan. Select a sales channel. Starting a gift business can be highly profitable because the demand for gift items is increasing in the market. It is a small scale business idea you can start from your home. You can customize the gift as per customers requirements. It requires several steps for establishment. It includes developing niche,sale channel ,registration and licensing, design, marketing plan ,etc.Find gift basket business to find a niche.It requires proper business plan.business plan includes marketing  trends, research of competitors business. You should select  a name,location and logo. Most people prefer surprise gifts. You can create an event with gifts.It has the best chance in the market. 

  • Recruitment business 

You can start a recruitment business. Before starting a business, research the market and understand the factors that affect future success.you can choose to start a recruitment agency with broad scope that seeks job applicants. You should prefer to minimize the risk and narrow operational approach. Recruitment is the process of actively seeking out,finding and hiring for specific  positions.Recruitment has good opportunities. We can act like a bridge between employee and employer. You can help them to make a CV,etc. Lot of recruitment agencies are here. You can provide  quality  services to them. You can create a focus database. You can select top level or low level management. You  can build a recruitment  firm. 

  • Home made food

You can make and sell ready to eat curries. You can make tasty curries . It has good opportunities  in town areas. You can make ready to eat curries shops and tie up with companies. 

  • Student counselor

It has good opportunities.  Now there are a lot of options for future  jobs. So they had confusion about the selection of course. you can provide  good planning about the selection  of the future . provide counsellings to reduce mental problems. 

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