40 is the best age to fall in love. And here’s why

A young girl’s post goes viral

It is a common notion that young people are the best lovers. However, contrary to popular notion Manasi PK’s post goes like this:

If you are falling in love, you should fall in love with people who are above 40 years. Surprised? She says that falling in love with people who have already completed a big chunk of their life on earth is the best thing ever. You should love those who forgot to enjoy life due to the burdens they faced in life. Did you know that even those in their forties have the same mindset, same dreams and same kind of longing to be loved and cared for?

If you can hold them close to your heart, who else can make you feel loved as much as them? Who else can hold you close as much as them?Being in forties is the second paradise of romance. That romance feels like the heartbeat of a new love. It has the excitement of a second life. Every second you spend with them is a lifetime for them; every kiss is like the spring; every touch like the rain.

They have the special ability to be madly in love. That love has the eccentricity that churns life into something beautiful. In every look that is shot at your way, they can hide an era of romance. In every smile they share, they can blossom like the flowers. Every kiss you share with them, they can open up a new world for you. Every time you have a physical union with them, they can make your heart stop. Oh the love that they share!

Let me tell you again. Those who think that you are at the point of suicide in your forties, let me assure you. Your forties is the age of your romantic life blossoming into some new, something you’ve never experienced before. Your life will be heavenly if there is someone to blow a gentle breeze on you, to gently awaken the soft flowers with their touch…A paradise of dreams, heartbeats, and cravings.

Oh! What a love!!!!

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