3 storey house in 1.5 cents

            Today I would like to introduce a three storey building in 1.5 cent. A beautiful house is a dream of every people. We can build a beautiful house in a very small space. Let’s see how it does.

      Today I would like to introduce you to a house in Ernakulam. This house is built in 1 ½ cents.It is a 3 storey house. We can see a wood main door. In living room we can see a sofa,dining table , wash basin. An LED TV is arranged on the side.

       We can see an open kitchen . It is set near the dining room. Galaxy granite is used for this kitchen. The cupboards in the kitchen  are used marine ply wood and HDHMR.

       In the second floor we can see  2 bedrooms, dressing table,common bathroom.In main bedrooms  we can see  a double cot ,almarie. We can see a special balcony .

     In the third floor we can see 2 bed rooms, common bathroom,balcony. Its price is Rs 35 lakh.

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