3 important central  government  pension schemes

          Today I would like to inform  you about the central  benefits of new year. Today we are going to introduce about three pension schemes provided by the central government.Applications for these pension schemes are now started.

       Under these pension schemes Rs 3000 to Rs 5,000 will reach our bank accounts. It is very helpful schemes to us. But we have to pay a small amount  for this benefit. But about 50 % of these will be  deposited by the central government.

            These are the three major pensions are implemented by the central government as part of social security. Kisan mandhan Yojana is a scheme for small farmers. Under this scheme up to Rs 3000 / month is credited to the accounts of the farmers.

          People between the ages of 18 to 40 years can join  this scheme. 18 years old can join the scheme by paying Rs 55. From the age of 60 you will start getting pension under this scheme. Now we can apply this scheme through  akshaya centers. 


Bank account details 

Adhar card

        Next central government scheme is shram yogi Mandhan yojana scheme. This scheme is for those working in the unorganized  and private sectors. Under this scheme Rs 3000/ month is credited to their accounts after 60 years..  18 years old can join this scheme by paying Rs 55.Those earning more than Rs 15,000 cannot join this scheme.

        Members of ESI,EPF,Atal pension scheme are not eligible to join this scheme.Those who are receiving welfare pensions from the state government can join this scheme.40 years old people can join this scheme by paying Rs 210. 

     Next scheme is Atal pension yojana.under this scheme we gets Rs 5000 per month. Everyone working in the unorganised sector and the private sector in our country, if they do not receive  any other pension will get this pension.

       People between the ages of 18 to 40 years can join this scheme.They can contribute up to 60 years to the scheme. They get pension from Rs 60 years. Those who are in this scheme also get Rs 1000 to Rs 5000.

       ,Those who join at the age of 18 years  have to pay a pension of Rs 1,000 each they will pay Rs 42 per month. If you want a pension of Rs 5000 per month you have to pay Rs 210.

                 For 1000             For 5000

18 yrs   –   Rs 42                   Rs 210

40 yrs   –   Rs 291                 Rs 1454

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