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Prime Ministers Employment Generation Program (PMEGP)-  benefits, Eligibility, documents,how to apply

      PMEGP is a subsidy scheme that was introduced by the government of India in 2008.it is called prime minister’s employment generation program. It is merging two schemes.They are prime minister’s Rojgar yojana and Rural employment generation program.It is a central scheme administered by micro, small,medium  enterprises. It is implemented by the khadi and village industries commission.

According to this scheme, it helps to provide employment opportunities in all areas of the country. It provides new self employment ventures.It brings dispersed traditional rural and urban unemployed youth and gives them self employment opportunities to the extent. It provides continuous employment to large segments of traditional artisans and unemployed youth in the country. It increases the wage earning capacity of artisans to increase the growth rate .

Under this scheme it’s funds will be available two major heads ,that are margin money subsidy and backward and forward linkages.levels of funds under scheme are new micro enterprises  and existing PMEGP units.In micro enterprises for general category, the contribution is 10%.The subsidy for urban 15% and rural 25%.special categories has beneficiary contribution is 5% .The subsidy rate for urban is 25% and for rural 35%.

The maximum cost of a project under the manufacturing sector is Rs 25 lakhs.Under the business sector the maximum  cost of project is Es 10 lakhs.

Second loan provides for existing PMEGP units .The maximum cost of project under manufacturing sector for upgradation is Rs 1 crore.Maximum subsidy is Rs 15 lakhs.PMEGP is  government of India backed credit linked subsidy scheme. Beneficiaries can get subsidy 15 to 35 % project cost from the government. This subsidy program is monitored by the ministry of micro,small, medium enterprises. Interest rate is 11 to 12 %.loan limit is Rs 9.50 lakhs to 23.75 lakhs.


  • Above 18 years of age
  • No income ceiling for assistance 
  • The beneficiary should possess atheist 8th standard pass
  • Self helps groups are Eligible 
  • Institutions registered under societies registration 
  • Charitable trusts
  • Projects without capital expenditure are not Eligible 
  • Cost of land should not be included in the project cost.
  • Charitable trust, existing units under PMRY,REGP and the units that have already available government subsidies under the schemes of the government of India are not eligible. It is implemented at a national level by KVIC. It gives you the financial assistance required to set up a new project. It produces employment opportunities in urban,rural areas by establishing self employment projects.It provides self employment opportunities to the unemployed urban and rural youth.It increases income earning capacity. The maximum project cost of the manufacturing sector is at Rs 25 lakhs.beneficiary makes 5 to 10% contribution. Projects up to 10 lakhs do not require security. Projects from Rs 5 to 25 lakhs,CGTMSE provides collateral guarantee.


         Banks provide upto 90 to 95% project cost.The government provides 15 to 35%margin money.Bank provides 60 to 75% term loan. Repayment periods 3 to 7 days.




  • PAN card
  • Adgar card
  • Project report 
  • SSLC certificate 
  • Ration card
  • Rural area certificate 
  • Education certificate 
  • Authorization letter


     We can apply this scheme online.you can apply through  e Portal.you can submit these documents into theDIC office taluk industrial centers.They will support you.we need an EDP training. It helps to increase personality development, business man spirit.You should submit a copy of EDP certificate. You should attend an interview. You should spend more money on the machineries.you can approach the nearest bank .You can directly send it through  DYC.After the interview, sanction the loan .


How to make online application


  • Visit the official website e portal.
  • Click online application for for individual or non individual 
  • Enter all details like name, sponsoring agency, type of activity, etc.
  • Save applicant data.
  • Upload documents 
  • Debit all details  finally. 
  • You will get an application ID,password. 


       It helps beneficiaries to start new projects. You can apply for this loan with few documents.you will get Rs 10 lakhs without collateral. You can apply for this scheme. It is a central government scheme.It helps to develop entrepreneurs .Most of the people do not know about this loan. If you want to start a business, you can apply for this scheme. 


         You can select this scheme for service sectors.you will get upto Rs 10 lakhs .If you want to start manufacturing products,you will get Rs 25 lakhs from this scheme. You will get 15 to 30% subsidy. We can’t repay it. According to area,category they provide  subsidy. If you want to start a business in rural areas,you will get 25% subsidy and 15 % subsidy in urban areas.For ladies,ex military, SC,ST, minority categories will adon 10% subsidy.After 3 years they applied this fund to our loan amount. 


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