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How to know someone is thinking about you – signs 


      When you have thought about a person, there are real psychic signs .Psychic signs are real,each one of us has now and then.when you thought about calling a friend, only for them to call you.it is exactly a wonderful thing. Some signs are subtle for you to notice ,they appear more than you think.They are an indicator of how to know if someone likes you.

      There is sexual tension between two people. It occurs when you refrain from quenching your thirst for each other.If you miss someone, it is a compass for how to know if someone likes you.The person know that you are missing them.They will know you are thinking about them.you release direct energy towards them.since someone thinking about you,an energy influences their thoughts and make them think more about you.

         Sneezing can be a sign that somebody is thinking about you.it starts as nose itching. sneezing without reasonable cause could mean you are in someone’s thoughts. Sneezing twice in a row means someone bad mouthing you.sneezing thrice means the person thinking positively for you.If you sneeze more than three times, they might be missing you.

        If your face feels slightly burning,it is a good thing.While someone is thinking about you,their thoughts may be negative. You get hiccups, because of excessive eating or drinking, quickly eating, any medical conditions, medications. Random hiccups might be a sign.Itching eye is another sign.it can show if someone likes you.In case of men, If the right eye is itching, whoever is thinking of you positively. If the left eye itches, their thoughts are negative. 

       For women,right eye points negativity and left eye point positivity.A dream is a clear indicator that you miss someone.It is a sign that someone thinking about you.Dream is a way  for your subconscious mind to communicate with us.This is true for people who have not seen each other for a long time.If they are thinking about you,it is enough to they are in your dream.

       Some people do you favors without another thought,They mirror you.They like using pet names with you.They ask family and about you.They text you randomly .you get a great feeling that someone might be thinking about you.you are probably crossing someone’s mind,and your mind is filled with thoughts. Smiling subconsciously without knowing is a sign.

       We can see three things when someone is constantly thinking about you.it helps to set a good mind.if you dream a person regularly means a positive sign. They think about you.Unexpectedly think about a person after a long time without any communication. They approach your friends about your character. 

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