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Archives / May 12, 2022

How to know someone is thinking about you – signs 

        When you have thought about a person, there are real psychic signs .Psychic signs are real,each one of us has now and then.when you thought about calling a friend, only for them to call you.it is exactly a wonderful thing. Some signs are subtle for you to notice ,they appear more than you think.They...CONTINUE READING

Prime Ministers Employment Generation Program (PMEGP)-  benefits, Eligibility, documents,how to apply

      PMEGP is a subsidy scheme that was introduced by the government of India in 2008.it is called prime minister’s employment generation program. It is merging two schemes.They are prime minister’s Rojgar yojana and Rural employment generation program.It is a central scheme administered by micro, small,medium  enterprises. It is implemented by the khadi...CONTINUE READING