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New technology vericose vein treatment (cyanoacrylate glue treatment) – no pain,no need of surgery,anaesthesia

Varicose vein is a twisted, enlarged vein commonly seen in the legs and feet.It is normally benign.It is common in women. Around 25 % adults have varicose veins.vein that is close to the skin surface can become varicose. Walking and standing increase the pressure in the veins.It can cause discomfort and aching pain. Sometimes it leads to more serious conditions. It occurs when veins are not functioning properly.Veins becomes blue.veins appears building or twisted vein.Heavy feelings in the kegs,muscle cramping,swelling in the lower legs,burning ,pain after standing for a long time,itching around the veins,are another symptoms of varicose vein.

commonly the damaged valves can lead to varicose vein.Artery carries blood from the heart to other parts of the body.veins returns blood from other parts of body to the heart.In this process the veins must work against gravity. Muscle contractions act as pumps, it helps blood return to the heart.valves in the veins open as blood flow toward the heart ,close to stop blood from flowing backward.if valves are weak,blood can flow backward,causing the veins to twist.when these valves fails to function, blood begins to collect in the veins. Enlarge the veins and it affects the legs.

Age can cause developing varicose veins.It can cause wear and tear on valves in the veins that control blood flow.women care more likely to develop the condition. Horonal changes,during pregnancy, menopause can cause vericose vein.if the family members had varicose vein there is a chance to get vericose vein.obesity ,standing for long period of time can cause vericose vein.

The common complications are ulcers near varicose vein,discolored spot,etc.vein deep within the legs become enlarged causing pain on the legs and swelling. It can cause bleeding. Improving blood flow reduces the risk of developing varicose veins .Avoid high heels ,changing your position regularly,eating a high fibre, low salt diet,exercise regularly, and raising legs .

Ultrasound can be done to check the blood flow.venogram may be done to assess the veins.during this test,inject a dye into legs and takes x ray.it helps to see how the blood is flowing.you can control it through lifestyle changes.Avoid standing, lose weight, exercise use compression reduces temperature symptoms of varicose vein.

You can wear compression socks.it provides pressure on your legs and it helps the blood can flow easily to your heart.it decrease the swelling. IF lifestyle changes are not working, you can try invasive procedure. Vein ligation,stripping is surgical Treatment of varicose veins. It requires anaesthesia. Sclerotherapy is a treatment of varicose veins ,using a liquid chemical injection to block off larger vein.laser surgery ,using light energy to block off larger vein.endovenous ablation therapy, using heat or radio waves to block off vein.

If you take preventive measures or controlled measures, you can manage it.Some cases,it can lead to ulcers on the legs.in severe cases,it can lead to rupture of the vein and bleeding. Varicose veins do not go away on their own.sometimes it can become less visible. When it is untreated,the veins continue to get damaged.

Avoid fried foods,milk and cheeses.it can slow down digestive system, and cause constipation which leads to the swelling of veins.Avoid processed meats,white bread,and alcohol.Avoid standing for a long period of time.avoid wearing tight fitting clothes.

We can see a new treatment for varicose vein.it is the best solution for preventing them. It is in Aster Mims Hospital, Kottakkal.It is a new technology solution. It is cyanoacrylate glue treatment. It doesn’t need surgery.it is pain free treatment. It does or requires stitching. It does not need anaesthesia, hospital stay.

They check the vein with doppler scan.This veins size is increased.It has incorrect circulation. Glue therapy needs glue. It injects the vein to block the reversal of blood flow. It has a catheter. It connects to the needle. A small catheter connected to it and filled the vein with glue.patient should move after this procedure. It does not feel pain. They observe for 2 hours.It is a simple method.

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