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Archives / April 2022

How to prepare hair oil fastly at home

         Hair oil is a cosmetic product intended to improve the hair condition. Various types of oils are used to produce hair oil. Hair oiling is the pouring of oil onto hair and massaging it into the scalp to increase moisture and shine. It softens the hair and provides Minerals and vitamins. You can oil...CONTINUE READING

How to make beautiful candles at home easily 

           Candles are an ignitable wick  embedded in wax, it provides light ,heat and fragrance. A person who makes a candle is called Chandler. We can hold candles with simple table tops called candle sticks. A heat source is used to light the candle’s wick,it melts and evaporates small amounts of fuel. This fuel combines...CONTINUE READING

How to learn to drive a car within one day 

        Driving is controlled operation of a vehicle like cars,motorcycles,buses, trucks,bicycle, etc. permission to drive is granted based on a set of conditions being drivers are required to follow established traffic  laws in the time of driving. You should know how to operate mechanisms which control the vehicle. You should know how to apply the rules...CONTINUE READING

How to buy quality clothes from Textile mills at affordable prices

Cloth manufacturing is a big industry. It is based on conversion of yarn into fiber and fiber into yarn .Then add dyes or printed,fabricated into clothes and converted into useful goods such as household items,clothing, upholstery and industrial products. There are mainly four types of steps in the manufacturing of clothes.First is the harvest and...CONTINUE READING

Quality power tools at affordable rates in palakkad

       Power tools are technically Power driven hand tools or  portable power tools. Power Tools are generally operated by electricity. It is mostly used in construction, Garden works, house work tasks such as cooking, cleaning, driving, drilling ,cutting, standing ,shaping, routing, polishing, grinding, painting, heating etc.Power tools are actuated by additional power source.         All types...CONTINUE READING

How to get rid of mupliBeetles effectively 

       Mupli Beetle is a plant eating darkling beetle found everywhere in our country. It is black in colour. It is around 8 millimetres long. It is harmless to humans when squeezed up, they produce a defensive phenolic secretion that causes skin burns. It also causes irritation to eyes and suffocation if slept near its colony....CONTINUE READING

An interesting neighbour law about the trees

     A neighbour is a person living very near to the person. A neighbourhood is a geographically localised community within a city town or rural areas. In the neighbourhood face to face interaction among members is necessary. The personal settings where residents seek to realise common values, socialize youth and social control. Living neighbourhoods contribute to...CONTINUE READING

Branded home appliances at half price with EMI

      Home appliances are machines which assist our household functions such as cooking ,cleaning etc. Home appliances are mainly three types.They are small appliances ,major appliances and consumer electronics. The maintenance and the repair of these types of products are different. Consumer electronics required high technical knowledge and skills. White goods may need more practical...CONTINUE READING