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Archives / March 2022

Kerala Municipality and Panchayat  building rules

   Kerala Building rules are very mandatory to build a house. As per Kerala Building rules it is mandatory to leave 15 %  of the total developed land. Construction of the building in disputed and trammelled by restrictions contained in the Kerala municipality building roads. Our state government recently replaced Kerala municipality building rules with a...CONTINUE READING

Life mission  scheme eligible  list – how to file appeal, documents 2022

        Life mission scheme provides quality  housing to the underprivileged sections of society. The Kerala government introduced a livelihood inclusion and financial empowerment  program for homeless people. According to this scheme, in its 3rd phase ,over 1.5 lakhs homes were constructed across the state. In phase 1,life mission  provided 52,000 houses and in phase 2,life...CONTINUE READING


       Ration card is the most important document for every person in our country. It is provided on an order of the state government. You can apply for ration cards online easily. You can check the status of ration cards online. Ration card is used as a proof of identity and residence of citizens. It...CONTINUE READING

How to learn to drive  vehicle easily 

          Driving is a controlled operation for movement  of a vehicle like cars,trucks,motorcycles, buses,etc.The permission  to drive is granted based on some conditions being met ,drivers are required  to follow traffic  rules in the location  they are driving. Physical, mental, safety  skills being required  to drive. Driving in traffic  is very difficult. In that time...CONTINUE READING

Important informations from KSEB – 9 watts LED bulbs at Rs 65

     Kerala  state electricity board is a public sector under the Government  of Kerala. It generates, transmits, distributes electricity in our state.It comes under the department  of powers.  Electricity was first brought  to the state by a British  company. First generating station of the state was set up on the periyar. It was a hydro electric...CONTINUE READING

Duel vessel filter – Importance, how to make it in our home  

        Duel vessel filtration  units are used for filtration functions. It is Mainly  used for polishing after diatomaceous earth filtering  to hydrocarbon removal.it handles contaminants of particulate 0q. Filtration process is stepped in stages. It has optimized functionality  and it reduces footprint while eliminating need for additional  processing equipment  in a wide range of filtration...CONTINUE READING

High Quality  branded sarees, kurtis at low prices in kochi 

      Sarees  are traditional dresses worn by Indian women. Sarees are generally five to six yards long. It is worn with one plain end, two decorative borders running through the length of the saree. Sarees come with matching blouse pieces. Wearing a saree is a beautiful cloth  to conserve the culture  of India. It expresses the...CONTINUE READING

How to change the date of birth of certificates 

      In our country, some documents are very important  to an individual. Those documents well defined the existence of a person. It is very essential  for small things. If you want to buy a SIM, it also needs identity proof. Having these documents adds an identity  to an individual. Adhar card is a security for Indian...CONTINUE READING

How to assemble BLDC fan in a day

BLDC fans stand for brushless direct current motor used fans. It works on direct current electricity. It uses permanent magnets instead of electromagnets that are used in conventional Motors. It needs less energy and heat loss compared to electromagnet. Ceiling fans are a major home appliance in our country. Ceiling fans are used the majority...CONTINUE READING

Beautiful 2000 square feet house in 8 cents 

       A home is very important  in our life. It protects  us from vagaries of nature,threats ,etc.it provides a sense of security and well being. A home is not only a physical structure  but also a symbol of power. Home is a primary need for our life. A beautiful  home is every person’s dream. A...CONTINUE READING