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Archives / February 2022

How to get loan Rs 1 lakhs from google pay

          Google pay is a simple,safe,way to manage your money and gives you a clear picture of spending  and savings. It is a digit wallet platform and online payment  system. You can make online ,in person  contact less purchases on mobile services.  It helps to make payments with android  phones ,tablets, etc.It supports passes such as...CONTINUE READING

Small portable  inverter   – Importance, how to make 

    Inverters are also called variable frequency  drives or AC drives. Inverters are electronic devices that can turn direct current  to alternating current. It helps to control speed .It needs electricity  to run.we can see Inverter  refrigerators  and air conditioners at home, offices,malls and online shops. Inverters are energy  efficient  appliances.we can see electric  motors in...CONTINUE READING

Quality  furnitures  at low prices

        Furniture consists of large movable objects in a room . Home furniture is very important in our home. It includes objects  such as tables, chairs,beds,dressers, desks,etc.Furniture is kept in a house to make it suitable  for living. Furniture made with usually  wood,plastics, metal,marble, fabrics, glass .wood is the material most often used for making...CONTINUE READING

Largest Goat farm kerala , goats at  low price 

         Goats are main meat producing animals in India.Its meat is the main choicest meatscandchas hugecdoestics demand.Goa5 farming involves raising and breeding  of domestic  goats. Goat farming has numerous  advantages. It has high market  demand and availability of a wide variety of goat breeds.if you want to start a goat farming  business, you should know...CONTINUE READING

How to change the address in RC book online 

        Rc book is a registration  card issued by the government  of India.it proves the registration  of vehicles. It is an official  document which states that your vehicle  is registered  with the Indian government. If you are an owner of a vehicle,you should  know the importance  of RC book.Now you will get it in the...CONTINUE READING

Importance of settlement deed 

         A settlement is an important document for sellers before offering  property to anyone.It is the voluntary  transfer of a property to someone else without monetary  exchange.It should be accepted  by done.it comprises details  of transfer or and recipient. To document  a settlement the donor should be competent.The deed must contain date ,place details  of...CONTINUE READING