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Variety kitchen  gadgets at wholesale price


        Kitchen Gadgets are very useful appliances  in the kitchen. Food processor,rice cooker,slow cooker,blender,juicer,steel grater,are the main kitchen gadgets. Food processor  is an important kitchen gadget with switchable blades. It is used to make peanut butter,mayonnaise, etc. It is an essential  kitchen tool ,helps to save a lot of time.slow cooker is used to cook a roast.it is used to cook chicken for those pot pies .You can make chicken broth .Rubber spatulas save time and money in the kitchen. You probably already  have many of these gadgets.These gadgets sure save your time, money and hours. 

           We can see a place where we get all types of gadgets at low cost. We can see fruit baskets. It has a premium look.we will get a small hair  towel from here. It is full of microfiber.  It helps to absorb  water from the hair. It had Rs 85. Silicon scrubber gloves are available  here.Some women have soap allergies  . They can use these gloves while washing plates. It doesn’t need a scrubber.  Because it has a scrubber area.It has Rs 130. Silicon wax scrubber  is available  here.we can use it to scrub back. It has Rs 74. 

          Fruit forks are available.  These are reusable. It has Rs 25. Kitchen oil containers  are available  here. These are quality  durable materials. a 1 liter container costs Rs 110. Half liter glass containers  are available. These are nozzle type containers. It has an Rs 105 price. 

      Spatula oil brushes are available.  We can use these brushes  to apply oil to fish. It hX Rs 32 price for two brushes. Food pack sealer is available  here. We can use it to close the packets. These are air sealed.18 pieces are inc.used in one packet. It has Rs 48 for one packet.

       3 sets of containers  with a spoon, silicon oil honey  Brush had Rs 220. Bathroom corner stands are available.  We can attach it to the bathroom  without nails. It is a waterproof steel material. It has a price of Rs 210. Soap dispenser  is available.  We can add soap solution  and wash with it. It hax Rs 45. Foldable stools are available.  It has Rs 150. Automatic water steamer kettle is available.  It has Rs 450. 

      Some people have eye irrigation  . They can buy it. Pad from here ,place in the fridge and cover it and place it above the eyes. It is an elastic material. We can buy lumbar region supporters from here. We can use it to reduce back pain. We can see a variety  of hangers here. It is made with thick plastic.It maintains  the gap between the clothes.It has Rs 110. 

     You can buy oil sprayer. We can use it to spray oil in small amounts. It is made with glass. It hS Rs 135.you can see soap dispensers. It has a space to pour diluted soap solution.you can push and add liquid to the scrubber.it has  Rs 77.smart container is available  here. It has a set of 6 pieces. It contains  250 ml.it has a lock. These are air tight Containers.  6 pieces cost Rs 160.

    Tooth paste creaser is available  here. It helps to squeeze the toothpaste . It has Rs 45. Smart shopping bag is available  here. It is like a key chain. But we can use it as a shopping  bag. It has Rs 135. Bubble guns for children is Available  here. It is used to make bubbles. It is a battery  operating machine.

     Garlic presser is available.  We can press garlic and we will get garlic  paste. It is thick material.  It has a price of Rs 150. 3 soap stands have Rs 98.fish scale scraper is available. It has Rs 48. Coffee blender has Rs 75.Ice cube maker has Rs 190.Salt pepper 4 set has Rs 135. 

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