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How to register  for booster dose of covid vaccination  in cowin portal 


     Booster Dose is an extra administration of vaccine after first doses.After first doses,a booster provides re-exposure  to antigen. It increases immunity against antigen return to protective level.Tetanus boosters are given every 10 years.To measure the level of antibodies agains t  a disease  a few years after the primary dose is given. Covid 19 Booster dose is necessary.  It protects against  severe disease at 6 months after vaccination despite lower efficiency in protection  from covid 19. There was sufficient  data to determine  long term protective benefits  of booster doses.

       Israel first rolled out a booster dose of covid 19 vaccine. In the month of August it was expanded for Israel population. The cowin portal is the covid 19 vaccination online platform in India. It is open for booking slots for booster doses. No new registration  will be required for beneficiaries eligible for the booster doses.

      It is available  only to those having completed nine months since the second  dose of vaccine was taken. It is available  only to those with mandated gaps after the vaccination. Private hospitals  that function as vaccination centers will have the option of offering the third vaccine dose for free to their own staff. 

      Senior citizens above 60 years will be eligible for precaution  dose of  covid 19. There is no need to register. If you are registered as a health worker,or FLW,or citizen aged 60 years or more.you can take precaution  dose after 39 weeks of fully Vaccination. Pre booking will ensure a  fixed time.

         We can register for this third vaccination. The people who have heart disease, diabetes,kidney disease, stem cell transplant patients, cirrhosis,sickle cell can get a third vaccine dose.we can use aadhar card,passport,driving license, PAN card, for verification. You will get an SMS .


  • visit the official  website of cowin portal. www.cowin.gov. in
  • Login with mobile number 
  • You will get an OTP. 
  • You can see your name,profile. 
  • For those who are fully vaccinated, they are eligible for precaution dose,you can see the slots for precaution  dose in the appointment  schedule. 
  • Choose appointments based on location, pincode.
  • You can download the details  .
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