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How to work all home appliances  using solar inverter  with batteries 


       Solar energy is the renewable  energy  from sunlight into electricity. It is directly using photovoltaic,indirectly using concentrated solar power. It helps to reduce electricity  bills. It has low maintenance  costs.it helps to reduce electricity  loss.we can install photovoltaic panels on your roof to help generate energy from sunlight.it is a renewable  energy resource. 

       It provides suitable  power for homely needs. It provides a lot of benefits  to humans and the environment.It helps to have a clean future. It helps to reduce the production of harmful pollution. It is a good way to change and reduce  the home’s carbon print.Solar power provides enough power in a  few minutes that can supply the world’s electricity  needs for a year.It can help boost your electricity  independence. 

     We can see about UTL Solar inverters. We can buy it on Amazon.It is an Indian made company inverter. Its price was Rs 18,550.It is PCU smart hybrid sinewave UPS. Battery was bought  by the nearest shop.we can buy panels from dealers. We can buy monoperg panel. It produces electricity  from a small quantity of sunlight.Monoperg panels have 1 kW size.Total cost is Rs 81550.

         We can use it to work the air conditioner,  refrigerator mfan ,light, television, induction cooker,etc.we can recharge electric  vehicles through  it. We can order the solar inverter from Amazon. It is a 2.4 kw inverter. 1.2 kw panels.we can download  a mobile app and we can select the angle. Clean it weekly.

      We can work all devices using an inverter. You should select  battery charging  from the solar panel.It has fuses to cut off. You should select  good company material.you should select  c10 configuration  batteries. 1 panel has 380 watts configuration. We can add 2kw panels only. It only needs 2 batteries. We will get a 2 year warranty. Exile battery has 3 year warranty  and solar panel has 5 year warranty.  It is an off grid solar panel.

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