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We can buy CCTV camera at Rs 200 


      CCTV is the video cameras to transmit signals to specific  places .It is most commonly  applied to those used surveillance in areas that require security. Using CCTV is very common around  the world. It is used to observe parts of a process from control  rooms, It may operate continuously to monitor an event. 

       CCTV is also used to help solve crimes.It is used to monitor  actions of workers.CCTV installed in many homes inside or outside .Modern CCTV systems  are monitored through  mobile phone apps. It helps to view the footage of our house from anywhere.some CCTV systems provide motion detection  and an alert can be sent to the mobile phone.

      CCTV is used in ATMs  to capture people’s PIN without their knowledge. It is mainly used to detect criminal use. Cctv helps to protect assets of stores,ensure safety  of employees.  We can use computer controlled cameras. We can identify,  track objects in their field of view. Many people  use wireless security  cameras .It does not require video cable .It is easy and inexpensive.  It depends  on analogue technology. 

       Cctv means closed circuit  television.  It uses analog cameras .CCTV  network is used to detect criminal  activities ,record traffic  infractions. When a crime occurs,video footage helps to investigate  and provide evidence  for prosecution. 

      There are fewer homes and offices that don’t use CCTV. It provides security in institutions.  In an accident,  it helps to easily detect .But it costs a large amount to fix a CCTV. We can fix CCTV at low cost  . It is a video recorder .It is used to record and watch video in places with or without electricity. 

         It includes 5 volt 2 ampere USB charger,camera,brochure, fitting screw.we can connect this cctv .Connections of the cameras provided  with screwed holes. We can adjust the front of the camera .We can record videos for up to 2 weeks. When using an SD card ,we can delete the recorded events of the day and add a new day. We can connect the camera to a USB charger. Then connect the plug to the power supply. It needs a small current. 

        We can connect the camera to the power bank also. Then remove the SD card and connect to the laptop to view the videos. You can connect it to your phone.These types of CCTV recorders are also available  in the market  at very low prices. These cameras work with 2AA batteries. Its cost is less than Rs 200. We can purchase bullet cameras at Rs 300.it captures videos automatically. 

We can use this CCTV in godowns,agricultural  fields,etc.

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