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Archives / October 30, 2021

How to find east,west,north,south directions 

             A direction is the  way to a place.we can introduce directions to the children using the location of the sun. Directions are provided in terms of the place lies east,west, north and south. These are cardinal directions.we can abbreviate these directions as E,W,N,S.(EAST-WEST-NORTH- SOUTH ) HOW TO DETERMINE EAST WEST NORTH SOUTH DIRECTIONS Firstly, stand...CONTINUE READING

Free services from petrol pumps 

       Now the popularity of petrol stations as a form of retail has been growing  due to changed patterns of consumer behaviors. Petroleum is the black gold. Black  means its colour is black gold means it is hard to find and valuable as gold.It is a natural resource.There are more than 58000 petrol pumps in...CONTINUE READING
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