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Archives / October 28, 2021

Kerala panchayat application Online service -ILGMS – How to Apply

ILGMS -Submit applications online to panchayat       A panchayat is a very important  institution in Indian villages. It is a political institution  acting as the cabinet of a village.Grama panchayat is the lowest level of panchayat raj institutions. The grama panchayat is divided into wards. Each ward is represented  by a member.He is directly elected by...CONTINUE READING

Masala powder business  – 3 levels,packing, marketing 

           Every person wants to start a business at low cost. You should have knowledge about business. There is a difference between understanding business fundamentals on paper and gaining wisdom through actual experience. You can get some early lessons about business through your hundreds of lessons. Mostly impossible to make a successful business by yourself....CONTINUE READING
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