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Archives / October 21, 2021

How to take temporary  electricity  connection  from KSEB.

      Electricity  is  very important  in our life. It is the flow of electrical charge. It is a secondary energy  source, we need Electricity  for all mechanisms. We need Electricity  for powering computers, air conditioners, computers, lights,soldering irons,and mobiles. It is a part of modern life.        We cannot think of a world without Electricity. It...CONTINUE READING

A large collection  of Old  home appliances

        Household appliances are machines which assist  household functions. We use small appliances, major appliances and consumer electronics,etc.electronics require high technical knowledge and skills but other appliances may need more practical skills and force to m anipulate the devices. Many appliances have existed for centuries. These appliances help the disappearance of full-time domestic servants and...CONTINUE READING
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