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Some Low investment  business  ideas start from home


     A business  man struggles for capital that can help him to successfully realize his idea. A great business is one that is not capital  intensive. All businesses  don’t  need a huge amount  of capital. There are many small  business ideas that require very less investment.

      If we start a business  with good planning,we can ensure that the business is profitable. Low investment idea is a very desirable proposition. Most people do not know about how to fit low investment  ideas onto their scheme  of things.Business investment  affects the economy of short term and long term growth. Small businesses  are a generation  of employment  per unit of capital. They sit idle, particularly for a period of year,to work in small businesses.  It helps to transform small  businesses  to large businesses. 

      Investment in a business  is essential  to good money management.  It provides present and past financial  security. We can achieve growing wealth  and passive income through an investment. Smal, businesses help to stimulate economic  growth . It provides employment  opportunities to people.

     Young people want to start their own businesses. They look for small businesses with huge turnover. Return on investment is an important  factor in setting up any kind of business.

      Today we can see some businesses starting from home. It is mostly useful for women and children. It has low risk factors. These are innovative  business ideas. These marketing  strategies are the same. We can sell these products  with the same platform.These products  have high demand  in the market. We can sell on demand. 

        We can select high profitable plants for businesses. We can sell it easily. First one is the medicinal plants. We can select brahmi,karpoora Tulsi,kayyonni(false daisy),aloevera, and ayamodakam. Next is the water lily,lotus seeds. It is a good business  idea. Most people love to grow these plants in ponds. We will get flourishing   flowers within 3 months. 

     Third idea is hybrid  jackfruit. These jackfruits are very tasty and colorful. We can start this business.  We will get good profit  from this business.  It has high demand in the market.  We can start a business  with fodder grasses. We can sell stems of it to the people. Its price is 2 to 4 per one stem.   Next is the banana tree business.  We can see a variety  of bananas. It has high demand. We can sell it online and offline. 

     Next is the business  of African  coriander leaves. It has a high smell. We can start to grow it in our house. We can sell this product easily. It has high demand.  It has medicinal  properties. Next is the business  of sprouted ginger seeds. Ginger is very important  in kerala. It has high demand.  So we can sell it online and offline.  

     Next is the business  of Chinese potatoes. We can use it for making dishes. We can sell its seeds . Next business  is the business  of aqua plants. We can cultivate it and sell it . We can prepare  a pond and start a business.  Next  is the fruit business. You should sell quality  products. 

       You can select an  idea .You can buy bulk of the products and sell the products after cultivation.  Otherwise you can purchase weekly and sell the product. You can select the agricultural groups from Facebook. Then make posts. You will get a contact number.you can contact them and sell the products.  You can sell medicinal  plants  at Rs 25. You can sell jackfruit plants at Rs 250. These all ideas are low investment  ideas. 

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