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Archives / October 2021

Branded shoes at cheap rate 

Shoes are very important. Wearing shoes has many benefits. It can improve quality  of life and prevent  injury of diseases. And it helps the healing of chronic  foot diseases. It expresses oneself and helps a person to work in hazardous  conditions. It gives support and stability to our feet. You should select properly fitting shoes....CONTINUE READING

How to find east,west,north,south directions 

             A direction is the  way to a place.we can introduce directions to the children using the location of the sun. Directions are provided in terms of the place lies east,west, north and south. These are cardinal directions.we can abbreviate these directions as E,W,N,S.(EAST-WEST-NORTH- SOUTH ) HOW TO DETERMINE EAST WEST NORTH SOUTH DIRECTIONS Firstly, stand...CONTINUE READING

Free services from petrol pumps 

       Now the popularity of petrol stations as a form of retail has been growing  due to changed patterns of consumer behaviors. Petroleum is the black gold. Black  means its colour is black gold means it is hard to find and valuable as gold.It is a natural resource.There are more than 58000 petrol pumps in...CONTINUE READING

Kerala panchayat application Online service -ILGMS – How to Apply

ILGMS -Submit applications online to panchayat       A panchayat is a very important  institution in Indian villages. It is a political institution  acting as the cabinet of a village.Grama panchayat is the lowest level of panchayat raj institutions. The grama panchayat is divided into wards. Each ward is represented  by a member.He is directly elected by...CONTINUE READING

Masala powder business  – 3 levels,packing, marketing 

           Every person wants to start a business at low cost. You should have knowledge about business. There is a difference between understanding business fundamentals on paper and gaining wisdom through actual experience. You can get some early lessons about business through your hundreds of lessons. Mostly impossible to make a successful business by yourself....CONTINUE READING


       Entrepreneurs are the important  part to be motivated, remuneration,and cultivated to the greatest degrees.They develop new business  ideas  that provide civilization  with a lot of services and products.  These ideas change the way we work  and live. They create new job opportunities, improve standards of living and improve the overall growth of the economy. Now...CONTINUE READING

How to solve mobile phone hanging problem  easily

       Mobile phones are very important in our life . It helps efficient communication. It makes your life very easy. It helps to connect to people in any part of the world. You can receive calls and messages by simply pressing a person’s name in your mobile. you can eliminate the need for memorization. Mobiles...CONTINUE READING