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Penalties  for not changing BPL Ration  cards


     We all have ration cards. Ration  card is an official document  issued by state governments  of India. The state  government categorises people and issues different  ration  cards according  to categories. NFSA was passed to provide a certain  quantity of food to people at affordable  prices.The  ration card holders should be aware of this information.  Ration  card used as a proof of nationality. It indicates an individual’s economic status  also.

    The types of ration cards are yellow  ,pink,blue and white ration cards. Yellow cards for  most economically backward sections  of society. Pink card for below poverty line,blue card for non priority subsidy/Above poverty line and white card for non priority  people.

     Non eligible  people who are in possession  of priority category ration  card holders  get a one month grace period for surrendering  them. They got time to surrender their cards. The Civil supplies department lacks accurate data on ineligible priority  card holders. Surrendering the cards will help to supply subsidized food to more BPL families.

     Officials visit all  houses for verification of ration  cards. Strong action will be taken against those who hold ration  cards illegally. 14 ration  cards are captured  from taliparamba.Then they will have to pay the market value of the ration  they have been buying  for so long.They will get up to Rs 1 lakhs and one year prisonment. 

Non Eligibility  for BPL Ration cards 

Above 1000 square feet house

4 wheeler

Above 25,000 monthly income

Above 1 acre lands

      You should not keep BPL cards. The State Government  gives exceptions  for a few people. Paralysis patients ,handicapped children ,four wheels used for subsistence, are exempt  from this rule. 

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