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Archives / September 20, 2021

How to control  diabetes  naturally 

          Diabetes is a common disease  that causes  high blood sugar. It is a disorder where the body does not produce  insulin. Or when the body cannot effectively use insulin. It has been rising more rapidly. It is the major cause  of blindness,heart attack,kidney failure, stroke,etc.we can prevent  diabetes  with a healthy  diet,maintaining  normal...CONTINUE READING

Penalties  for not changing BPL Ration  cards

       We all have ration cards. Ration  card is an official document  issued by state governments  of India. The state  government categorises people and issues different  ration  cards according  to categories. NFSA was passed to provide a certain  quantity of food to people at affordable  prices.The  ration card holders should be aware of this information. ...CONTINUE READING