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How to read KSEB bill |how to detect  leakage of electricity in our home 


      KSEB has implemented  a self meter reading to take meter reading without visiting .It is useful in a containment zone. We can take the KSEB meter reading and submit it by yourself. It can be understood very easily. A KSEB meter is an electrical  instrument  that measures the  amount of electrical  energy  used by the consumers. The basic unit of power is watts. If one uses one kitchen.owatt in one hour ,one unit of energy gets consumed. 

      We can see various readings like voltage,power factor, ampere,kVa, kWh.kWh is seen on the right bottom side of the meter,it displays our usage of electricity. The previous meter reading can also be viewed on the screen. Today we can see how to calculate the KSEB bill .Many of the people  interested know how to take the meter readings. But they don’t know about it. 

      Now we can see the digital energy  meters. It is an advanced meter. The power consumption  is shown in the meter. KSEB provides digital  TOD(Time of day) meters. They take a reading of it in three zones for 24 hours. Mainly it is used  by the industry and varies from time to time .But later it was also  used for domestic purposes. 

          If your mobile number is registered with  KSEB,you will receive  an SMS on your registered  mobile number with a link to submit your current  meter reading.  We can see the daily  consumption.  

        We can handle the meter safely. It has a technological development and communication spot. We can collect data from this meter.It has an auto scroll option.  In this energy  meter , we can see all readings. We can see b – good (battery good) .It is used to read meters without electricity. 

So you should check the condition  of the battery. 

     If you  press the button,  you can see the date, then time,then voltage,then ampere,then neutral,then power factor, frequency, load kw ,unit of energy used in kwh.1 kw = 1000 w.kwh reading is important.  

       We can see the daily consumption from the meter. Check the unit of energy  used in kwh in intervals. 250 units in telescopic measurement.  Up to 50 units has Rs 3.15 / unit, 51 to 100 units has Rs 3.70, 101 to 150 has Rs 4.80 / unit,151 to 200 has Rs 6.40 / unit,201 to 250 has Rs 7.60 / unit. 

      You should reduce the unnecessary  usages. Avoid induction cooker,iron box,air conditioners, etc.Iron the dresses weekly once. You can save 2 units /day.

      You can check the electricity  leakages in your home. Put off all loads like lights, fans,etc. Check the ampere reading  and load kw,kwh. After 1 hr again check it.If  Kwh,ampere,kw should be zero.  Put off the UPS also .

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