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We can buy all quality  power tools at low cost


        Power tools are actuated by additional power sources  and mechanisms . These tools use electric  motors.you must use the right tool for the job. But making the right choice can be complicated. Over tools are mainly used for construction, housework, gardening,drilling, cutting, shaping ,grinding,routing, etc.power tools are mainly  two types. Portable and stationary. Portable  power tools are hand held tools. It has mobility. Stationary power tools have speed and precision. 

     Power tools are used to perform an array of tasks that are hard to be performed with manual tools. Reliable Power Tools can increase the productivity of workers by streamlining their work. It  helps to accomplish different tasks in minimum time. It has accuracy. Power Tools are faster than hand tools.

     It needs the right amount of knowledge or skill. Otherwise it may be quite dangerous. Power Tools are most effective for repair. We can do our work  without causing destruction or a disturbance at the work site.Usually impossible to drive a screw into  concrete with the hand tools. We can do work at a high speed. Power tool helps in giving a perfect finish.

    Today we can see a place where we get quality  power tools at such a low cost.It is in T M tools, Ukkada market, coimbatore .we will get a lot of materials here.we can book materials  from here. 

     We will get a 20  liter vacuum cleaner at Rs 3500,chain saw chain at Rs 230,paint sprayer at Rs 1900.we will get chain  saw attachment + machine  at Rs 1800.The price of spray gun is Rs 800. We can buy a groove cutter at Rs 5500. We will get different  types of models of machines. 

     We will get a battery driller at Rs 650.The price of a 12w double battery drilling machine is Rs 1400,metal type Rs 1800,full kit at Rs 2000.The price of 21 w with hammering option drilling machine is Rs 3000.

     We will get an 8 piece spanner set at Rs 200, Socket set 11 pieces at Rs 330. We will get a hardware 24 piece socket set at 950. 32 piece full kit at Rs 1900.94 pieces hardware kit at 3300.we will get cutting  player at Rs 70,circle player at Rs 150,nose player at Rs 110,oil filter at 250. Rings full kit Rs 1250,cutting wheel at 850.

       We can buy the latest model paint spray gun at Rs 17000.we can buy car washer Rs 4250.It includes foam gun also. We can book materials.  The price of a petrol water pump is Rs 8000. The price of 11k demolisher at Rs 6700. Aluminium cutter at Rs  6000. 

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