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India Post payment bank home loans- low interest rate,new updates 


       Post office is a public facility. It provides mail services ,letters, parcels ,postage stamps ,packaging etc. It offers additional services like providing and accepting government forms. We will get the passport application from post offices. We can pay road tax, postal savings ,bank fees to the post office. Consumers and businesses depend on the post office for many services. Post offices are seen in almost every locality in a town. It facilitated growth and expansion of internal and external trade. It connects people to each other.

       India post payment Bank joined with the LIC Housing Finance for selling Housing Finance products of latter to customers. IPPB distributes general and life insurance products through partnership with the insurance companies. It has 2,00,000 postal employees  equipped with micro ATMs and biometric devices for doorstep banking.

    LIC Housing Finance offers home loans starting from 6.6 % for loans upto 50 lakh. Its  interest rate is offered to the borrower’s creditworthiness.we will get different types of  saving  schemes from the post office. It offers reliability,risk free returns on investment. 

     Now onwards we will get home loans from the post office. India post payment  banks will offer mutual  funds, loans and insurance through third party tie ups. Account holders in IPPB,will be able to avail financial services. 

     India post payment bank is a specialised division of Indian post under  the jurisdiction of the department of post. IT office money transfer , savings accounts, insurance through third parties ,bill payments etc. The customers can use QR code payments. It gives easy bill payments ,doorstep banking service, instant money transfer through IMPS, QR card, phone banking ,SMS banking ,email statement, SMS alert,etc.

        We can deposit money in Indian Post Bank through our bank account. The deposited money remains safe as the government provides security. It is simple, secure and easy to use.

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