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Aromatherapy  diffusers business – how to start,benefits 


 We can start  small scale business ideas that can be started with low investment.we can make decisions  about our business. We can choose the workers,what hours to work,and the payment. We can control our destiny. It has  possibilities of achieving financial  rewards. It removes income restraint.Small businesses  allow the business  owner to create something  of their own.

        Small businesses give an individual  the opportunity to build equity. They establish  a company, run it and sell it to someone else.To build something that can be passed down to their children.So small businesses  are a very good selection.we should develop  close relationships  with customers. 

       We should search for every possible  way to have business  run smoothly and increase revenue. Most of the people want to start their own venture. Because they want small scale opportunities with huge turnover.

      But they think that earning a huge profit requires serious investment. But we can start a business with minimum investment. The small businesses help in the economic growth of the nation. Small businesses include grocery shops ,bakery shops, party planning, translation services ,car dealerships, etc.

     Small businesses required less capital. Greater output can be achieved with fewer investments.

We can easily change working styles without much loss. Usually large businesses depend on small businesses for completion of their work. It helps to encourage handicraft and Technical skill.

        We can see a low investment business. Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment that uses natural  plant extracts to promote health. It is called essential  oil therapy. It is used to improve the health  of the body,mind and spirits. It promotes relaxation,  and helps to relieve stress.eg lavender oil,pulthylam.

      It is used to treat infections, burns,insomnia, depression  and BP.It is generally  safe.These oils rub on the bottom of feet,behind the ears,wrists,etc.we can start this therapy as a business. We can make aromatherapy diffusers business.we need an aroma diffuser to this business.

      We can use a clay pot diffuser,take water and put 2 drops of oil and provide  a candle under the pot. Boil the water and it evaporates and  diffuses it.  Otherwise we can use electric diffusers and ultrasonic  diffusers.We can buy these diffusers from online.Buy 3 types of essential  oils Rs1000/  liter. Change it to 10 ml bottles and combine it and sell. It is a precious item.  You should study about this business  and sell it. 

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