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What to do immediately, If money lost from bank account – helpline number


     We all have bank accounts. Bank account is a financial account maintained by a bank. Banks offer a variety of savings accounts that suit our personal needs for banking. Usually the money kept in a bank account is safe. And it is well regulated. Mani kept in our home can be lost in a disaster like  theft or a fire. But an amount placed in a bank account is automatically insured. Open and positive accounts help to  reflect favourably on our finance skill.It shows how to manage your money properly.  It helps to save money. You can save money  by paying bills online.

     You can easily access your money either with checks or debit cards. It helps to take loans from banks. Several  types of bank accounts. Checking accounts use checks as a primary  instrument for withdrawing  money. Saving accounts  are allowed to make deposits  and withdrawals. Money marketing  accounting combines the benefits  of checking and saving accounts. 

     A CD bank account requires you to make a deposit vand agree to leave the funds in the account  for a specific  time.No frills bank accounts allows to pay bills and cash checks without paying high fees with completing transactions  without account. 

     But  there is a chance  to lose money from bank accounts. Now we are living in a digital  world.our bank account  number is linked  to many apps.And we all transfer  money from our bank accounts  through our mobile phone.  Be careful.  Otherwise  we will lost huge amount of money from our accounts. 

      If we scan the QR code of a product from OLX , we lose our money. We will get a call from the same service providers. They told me to download  an app to get  more features.  But these applications  are shared apps. They control our mobile phone and they can see the OTP numbers.  It leads to losing money from our bank accounts. 

       Credit card fraud is a huge scam. Do not tell the other and cvv numbers.  They access our mobile. All banks have fraud customer  care services. If you are the victim of such a scam you can call a helpline number 155260. If we call the helpline number they will immediately contact the bank and stop the transaction.They should  register  the cyber crime and we will get money back.

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