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Pradhan Mantri KUSUM YOJANA scheme for farmers – eligibility, benefits how to apply 


      We are the recipients of a lot of benefits from the  Central and state governments. These benefits were a relief to us in the midst of an epidemic. There are still a lot of benefits for those who deserve it. Let me introduce you to one of them today.Its name was pradhan Mandri kusum yojana. MNRE has launched the PM kusum(pradhan Mantri Kisan Urja Suraksha Evam Uthan Mahabhiyan) . This scheme is for farmers.  Its objective  is installation of solar pumps and grid connected solar and renewable power plants.

       It is aimed at ensuring energy  security for farmers.It increases the share of installed capacity  of electric  power from non fossil fuel sources.It consists of 3 components.  Component A,B,C.In components 10,000MW of decentralized ground grid connected renewable power plants of individual plant size up to 2 MW. 

          In component B,installation of 17.50 lakh standalone solar powered agricultural  pumps up to 7.5 HP.Component C includes solarisation of 10 lakh grid connected agricultural  pumps up to 7.5 Hp. Components A and C will be implemented  in pilot mode. Component B will be implemented entirely without going pilot mode. Components A and C  would be scaled up after necessary approval. 

     Renewable 500kw  to 2 MW power projects will be set up by individual/group/ panchayat. It develops the REPP through  developer.Invite applications  from invested beneficiaries for setting renewable energy  plants.

     In component  B,supported to install standalone solar agricultural  pumps  60 % subsidy  of benchmark will be provided.40 % will be provided  by farmer.Farmer has to pay initially only 10 % of cost and remaining 30 % of the cost as loan. 

      In component C,farmers having grid connected agricultural  pumps will be supported  by Solaris pumps.Up to two times of pump capacity in KW is allowed .30 % of benchmark cost will be provided. Bank finance  may be available. 

     It is a continuous source of income for 25 years  by utilizing  their lands. It ensures sufficient solar energy for feeding rural load centers, agricultural  pump set loads.It will save expenditures on diesel for running diesel pumps. It provides a reliable  source of irrigation through solar pumps to prevent  harmful pollution. 

    We can apply for this scheme under the PM kusum yojana online.


Application form

Adhar card

Land Documents 

Bank account passbook

      Financial Institutions like banks offer loans to farmers .Now we can apply for this scheme. We can make solar energy and sell it to the KSEB. These are mainly two models. The first one is to set up a Solar Plant with the farmers investment. Farmers can donate the solar energy obtained from it to KSEB. KSEB can be paid at the rate of Rs 3.50 Paisa per minute.In this model,the investment  has to be borne by the farmer.

       KSEB will bear the entire cost for the second model. KSEB will set up solar power plants on non cultivated lands. KSEB  will rent  the land for 25 years at 10 Paisa per unit for the electricity generated from it.3 ½ to 4 acres of land is required to generate one megawatt of electricity. The farmer can get up to Rs 25000 per year from one acre of land.For more details  contact KSEB websites.

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